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Infectious Disease

At present, more than 30 projects have been carried out in the field of infection, with an experienced project team, experience in large-scale project management and leading recruitment speed. The trial progress and quality have won a good reputation in the industry. The only national peg-interferon clinical trial project has followed up the CRO throughout the whole process, and the infection field is an industry leader.

Service Experience

  • Recombinant human serum protein

    hepatic ascites

  • Peg-interferon

    hepatitis b, hepatitis c

  • Hepatitis b vaccine

    hepatitis b

  • KW136

    hepatitis c

  • Hespraptide

    hepatitis b

  • ZN2007

    hepatitis c

  • ZN6168

    hepatitis c

  • ZN6211

    hepatitis c

  • Hepatitis c detection kit

    hepatitis c

  • Haart

    hepatitis b

  • Phosproterovir


  • Stem cell therapy

    decompensation of cirrhosis

  • National 12th five-year project hepatitis b fibrosis

    Hepatic fibrosis

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