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Phase I Research Institute Construction


We based on the principles of GCP, assist to phase I clinical trial institution ward system training and testing, improve Ⅰ period clinical trial ward management and update standard operating procedures (SOP) and ensure Ⅰ period and BE standardized, rigorous, such as clinical trials carried out safety.

Investigator Meeting


We assist the bidders to invite industry experts convened the researchers in scheme, CRF, informed consent and clinical trial operation key points are discussed such as training, established a scientific and have clinical operational plan, and preliminary understanding of the process of test, to avoid possible problems, ensure well-prepared before conducting clinical trials.

GCP Training


GCP or drug clinical trial quality management is the whole process of clinical trial standard norms, including plan, organize the implementation,monitoring, auditing, recording, analysis and reporting, etc., is based on the declaration of Helsinki and the pharmaceutical administration law of the People's Republic of China, with reference to internationally recognized principles of design, to guide clinical trials in China.

Stem has a professional GCP training team, which can provide professional training services for sponsors and research institutions, so as to improve the quality of clinical trials and avoid non-compliance during the trial.

Functional Service


Stem has an independent functional service delivery team with multi-field and multi-position recruitment capabilities. Stem has a library of nearly 20,000 resumes. Currently, there are more than 60 people in the functional service team, providing services for well-known domestic and foreign pharmaceutical enterprises.

The functional service team has rich experience, low turnover rate, timely and fast promotion of candidates, shorter process, saving time and energy. Conduct business return visit once every two months, and receive customer feedback and comments immediately.

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