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Oncology field has carried out more than 20 by Stem perform professional project management team, involved in liver cancer, non small cell lung cancer, gastric cancer, breast cancer, non-hodgkin's lymphoma, gastrointestinal cancer, digestive tract cancer, glioma, prostate cancer, a variety of domains such as solid tumor, resources widely, rich experience, for the development of tumor clinical trials provide the optimization of support.

Service Experience

  • Anti-rankl antibody

    breast cancer bone metastases

  • Kabatasai

    gastrointestinal tumor

  • FP-208

    dual target therapy for breast cancer

  • CD20

    liver lymphoma

  • Metaphenil

    liver cancer

  • Interleukin-15

    solid tumor

  • PD-1

    solid tumor

  • Chlorogenic acid

    solid tumor, non-small cell lung cancer

  • Intestinal flora transplantation capsule

    gastrointestinal tumor

  • Avastin

    solid tumor

  • EGFR

    solid tumor

  • Carboxypeptidase

    solid tumor

  • MB07133

    liver cancer

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