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Central Image Work


In order to avoid adverse factors such as the bias and variability of medical image reading in the clinical trial process from affecting the trial process, Stem can assist the sponsor to organize relevant experts to conduct the central image evaluation, ensure the accuracy of the film reading, and accelerate the smooth progress of the trial.

Central Laboratory


Stem maintains long-term strategic cooperation with domestic and international famous center testing units. The project manager manages the testing units throughout the whole process, checks the central laboratory, and ensures that the project is implemented in accordance with the contract schedule.

Third Party Auditing


Stem can provide quality control services for the whole process of clinical trial projects, including auditing of clinical research units, auditing of biological sample testing units, auditing of SMO, etc.

Independent Data Monitoring Commission


Stem organized a team with expertise and experience to form an independent oversight board to protect the safety interests of subjects and save research time and costs in clinical trials of new drugs. A preliminary review of the efficacy and/or safety of the drug under study in the form of an interim analysis was conducted prior to the end of the trial according to the SOP to prevent bias in the interim analysis.

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